New album by hip hop collective Goeie Jongens set to be released November 13, 2020

As many of you know, some of the artists featured in the film have come together as the hip hop collective Goeie Jongens. After a few big shows and and very busy year, the collective have decide to drop a full album. The album will feature the likes of Don Luca, Zio Io, Tiewai, PTR, Chaz & Djalu, Aria, Rian Snoeks, Ricca, Nupstr, Cinus, Lano and K-Nabio, with producing duties going to Djalu, Polyte, Explore, Pepe Sanchez and Sinister. VLIEGTUIGMODUS drops 11/13/20 on all digital streaming platforms.

"VLIEGTUIGMODUS" album artwork by PTR

'GENKbangers' Trailer out now+Online release date revealed

The film will be available to stream on Youtube starting Friday May 1st.


Film premier in Genk, Belgium 13/12/19

'GENKbangers' premier in Belgium 13/12/19

Excited to announce that the film will premier in Genk, Belgium this December. The event will be free, and will also feature a Q & A with myself (Director) and a special performance with artists featured in the film. Space will be limited. For more info, visit

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After a hugely successful performance at this years Genk on stage festival, the "Goeie Jongens" collective have announced that they will also be performing at this years Pukkelpop festival in Hasselt, Belgium. The festival, now in it's thirty fourth year, features a wide variety of artists such as Post Malone, Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals, Billie Eilish, Prophets of Rage, Fisher & more.

Goeie Jongens are set to perform:

Saturday August 17 on the Marquee stage 12:10-13:00

For a full schedule of the festival, visit:

New single from Aria '3600'

Just a couple of months after the release of his first EP (De Blauwdruk), Aria already has a new single out. Check out '3600' on Spotify, or click HERE

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2 New singles from Chaz & Djalu 'Nighttime' and 'P.O.T.U.S.'

The first pair of singles from the duo since their debut album "Eclipse" dropped earlier in the year. Listen to the singles on the group's Spotify page HERE

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Featured artists to perform at this years "Genk on stage" festival in Belgium to celebrate 20 years of Genk hip hop

All of the artists featured in the film, as well as a few others, will come together to perform as "Goeie Jongens" to celebrate 20 years of Genk hip hop. It's no secret that Genk has been a hotbed for hip hop over the years, and this performance aims to give the audience a taste of the artists that represent the city's love for the genre that spans two decades. Genk on stage is a yearly festival that takes place in the summer in Genk, Belgium.

Goeie Jongens are set to perform: Saturday June 29th on the Factor J stage 22:30-00:00

Aria, Chaz & Djalu, Avilo and Roach will also have their own separate performances throughout the weekend. For more info on the festival+set times, visit:

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Since 1993

About the Film and Director

My name is Miguel Dorado and I am a musician, filmmaker, and stagehand in Los Angeles, CA. I released a couple of albums, was in a touring band(Destroy The Opposition), and have been a stagehand in LA for almost a decade. My reason for starting this film is simple: I think people should hear this. What is "this"? Music. Incredible music. Hip Hop to be exact. But what is happening here is more than hip hop. It's a scene, it's a family, it's a collective of artists who are using this space in time to create this incredibly interesting and unique catalog of music. Having grown up in one of the most important cities for the genre, it's generally pretty hard to get my attention, but several artists from Genk have done just that. So much so, that I felt the need to make a film. I was first introduced to Genk hip hop about 2 years ago by my friend, and now producer on the film, Sven Poets. He showed me a couple of tracks from the group Onze Zaak and I was immediately hooked. I quickly looked up the rest of the songs on that album (De Tijd) and slowly began to connect the dots to the other local artists. With Sven's help, I was introduced to Don Luca, Chaz & Djalu, Roach, Youssef, Aria, and Avilo, all of whom became subjects of the film. With their help I was able to piece together two decades of history and music, which is what I hope to present to all of you. My main goal with this film is to get more exposure for these artists and to show the world this towns unique history with the worlds biggest genre.

Something special is happening in Genk, and I want to show you.

Genkbangers out Spring 2020

-Miguel Dorado

Photo by Vivian Meza
Photo by Vivian Meza


Photo from @goeiejongens - June, 2019