Photo from @cite_stijl
Photo from @cite_stijl

Bio - Don Luca

Having been a part of the scene since the late 90's, Don Luca's music catalog has set the standard for the regions talent level. From his involved with groups such as ODC CRU, Balanz, 3600, N.O.M and Ganz Gflipt to his solo work, his decades long music catalog is one that younger artists admire and look up to. Don Luca has always been and continues to be a pivotal figure in Genk's hip hop scene. His latest releases "Uzelf" is available to BUY or STREAM now.






Photo from - 2006
Photo from - 2006

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Photo by @colomojulio - May, 2019

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Photo by @colomojulio - February, 2019

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Photo from - June, 2019